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LOCATION: 2601 Canyon Blvd, Boulder CO 80302 USA
DATES: Tuesday, 8 March to Friday, 11 March 2022

In February 1972, the Astrophysical Journal published "Time Scales for Ca II Emission Decay, Rotational Braking, and Lithium Depletion" by Dr. Andrew Skumanich, a research scientist at the High Altitude Observatory (HAO) in Boulder, Colorado. The paper is one of the most impactful publications in the history of HAO, with more than 1500 citations to date.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this publication, we will host an in-person conference on 8‑11 March 2022, organized around the major science themes of the paper: magnetic activity, stellar rotation, and lithium depletion.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:
Andrew Skumanich (HAO)
Cecilia Garraffo (CfA)
Diego Lorenzo-Oliveira (U.São Paulo)
Jason Curtis (Columbia/AMNH)
Jennifer van Saders (U.Hawaii)
Marc Pinsonneault (Ohio State U.)
Jamie Tayar (U.Florida)
Keith MacGregor (HAO)

Scientific Organizing Committee:
Travis Metcalfe (WDRC) [chair]
Ruth Angus (AMNH)
Savita Mathur (IAC, Spain)
Keith MacGregor (HAO)
Marc Pinsonneault (Ohio State U.)
Angela Santos (U.Warwick, UK)
David Soderblom (STScI)
Jennifer van Saders (U.Hawaii)

Local Organizing Committee:
Travis Metcalfe (WDRC) [chair]
Wendy Hawkins (HAO)
Sheryl Shapiro (HAO)
Meredith MacGregor (U.Colorado)

Meeting Sponsors:
Ball Aerospace ★ Boulder CVB ★ High Altitude Observatory ★ WDRC

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